Join the BlueBit and BlueSparrowCommunity


The BlueBit ecosystem goes beyond cryptocurrencies. The BlueBit community is driven by users who are passionate about crypto. In both real life and online, they come together to pursue their passions and advance the movement.



Calling for Blue Angels


Your help is vital to Blue’s future growth as an exchange and Token. We would like to extend an invitation to you to become a Blue Angels an early investor and supporter. The Blue Angels program is looking for volunteers.


What Do You Need To Do As A Blue Angel?


Angels are responsible for looking after BlueBit and BlueSparrow and helping them to grow. The areas that need help at the moment include:

●      Introduce new users to the platform

●      Provide users with answers to their questions and comments

●      Participate in organizing online and offline events and meet-ups

●      Maintain and moderate BlueBit's and BlueSparrow’s offline and online communities

●      Provide BlueBit with market feed back and suggestions

●     Any other suggestions that you think will help Blue grow

●      You will be given high priority incon sidering your feedback and suggestions about BlueBit and BlueSparrow

●      Gifts especially created for Blue Angels will be sent to you

●     Affiliate Bonuses