The BlueSparrow economy also places a strong focus on charity. It will always be the foundational fabric of BlueSparrow to give back.The BlueSparrow system will attract many brands as they align their brands to support the interests of both parties.


Through the use of blockchain technology, we implement a transparent, accountable, and immutable process for global giving.


A blockchain-enabled world will contribute to reducing in equality and promoting sustainable development. We're unlocking innovative idea sand taking action, so that our vision turns into a reality.


The BlueSparrow community and team will extend helping hands to people, animals, and ecosystems in need. This will be achieved by donating an allocated amount of BlueSparrow tokens to selected charities and foundations that the BlueSparrow community will vote on.


While many charities exist, anyone can nominate charity organizations and choose the charities to benefit from the donation. The winner(s) gets the accrued funds from the Charity Wallet.


How Do We Do This?

Each BLUESPARROW transaction contributes 0.5% to the charity pool. The BlueSparrow team will run a vote asking for your preferred nomination. Different organizations are presented to the community, and the winner is selected through voting.


The number of people discovering the benefits of a charitable economy is continuously growing, enabling more people to help needy causes.


Everyone can play their part in giving back by having their say and making their vote count. It is immensely important for all of our holders and BlueBit users to have their say.


Note: 0.5% of  BlueSparrow transactions goes to the charity wallet. Not other coins, tokens or trades.