How Do I Deposit Crypto?

Deposit means to transfer crypto from wallets or accounts in other platforms to the account in BlueBit.  

1. After login, click Assets – Deposit – Select crypto – Select deposit network  
2. Select the deposit account, and copy the deposit address. 
3. Open the withdrawal page of the corresponding platform, select the Crypto you want to withdraw, and paste the address copied from your BlueBit account in Step 3 (or scan the saved QR code).

1.     There is a possibility that deposits will be delayed due to block confirmation delays. If this happens, please be patient.
2.     Make sure that the crypto's deposit networks and withdrawal networks are consistent within the corresponding platform, or you will not be credited with the funds.Please do not deposit crypto in TRC20 to the on-chain network or to other networks like ERC20.
3.     Ensure the crypto and address are correct before depositing. If incorrectly filled in,the deposit will not be credited to the account. As an example, please check if the crypto in the deposit platform is consistent with the one in the withdrawal platform, and do not deposit LTC to the BTC address.

Why Hasn't My Crypto Arrived?

It is possible for your crypto to be delayed. In most cases, the blockchain is taking more time or confirmations than expected. 

Troubleshooting :
●     Double check the deposit address. If you send crypto other than the one specified by the address, it’s unlikely you will get it back.
●     Double check the deposit amount. Any deposits less than the minimum will not be credited or refunded.
●     If your deposit is unconfirmed in the blockchain you’ll have to contact the remittance platform for support.
●     If your deposit is confirmed in the blockchain, you can contact us support@BlueBit.com with your deposit info so we can help. 

Send us:
○     Type of crypto
○     Amount of deposit
○     Address
○     Transaction ID (TXID) or Hash ID

How Do I Submit The Correct KYC Documentation?

For your account's security, whenever you need changes to be applied or information regarding your account, our customer support team may ask you to provide us a photo of yourself, declaring specific information. 

 Take a photo of yourself holding a piece of paper containing the following information handwritten on it: 
●     Your first and last name
●     Upload Your Passport Or ID Documents
●     Please ensure that your country of residence is consistent with your ID Documents.
●     Proof of Residence "Utility Bill".   

Fill in your document type, full name, document number, insert the document front photo, back photo and a handheld document photo.

Please note that you must hold your document front photo with one hand and the other hold handwritten "BlueBit.io+name+day" (example: BlueBit.io,Jack,2022/1/1) on a piece of white paper.
Please ensure that your documents and handwritten paper is placed in the front of your chest, do not block your face, and that both documents and paper are clearly shown.

Make sure the information is all correct.
(Please wait patiently for the staff's review and check the account information from time to time for the outcome)

Do I Need To Pay Fees For Deposit And Withdrawal?

There is no fee charged for deposits, as it is paid by the withdrawal party. Withdrawals are subject to a fee.

For example,when you withdraw crypto from your account in Platform A, a withdrawal fee will be charged. However, if someone (or you) deposits crypto to your account in Platform A, you, the recipient account holder, do not have to pay the fee.

Gas Fees are the fees for withdrawals, which are paid to miners as rewards and not to BlueBit. For example, when you decide to withdraw and transfer on the Ethereum blockchain and submit the withdrawal request on BlueBit, miners will pack your transaction into the block and put it on the chain to complete the transaction.Each transaction requires computational resources to complete, so the fee is paid to miners for processing the transaction and for securing the blockchain network .

Standard fees for services On the withdrawal page, the system will calculate the fee automatically and show you the amount that will be credited. The balance of the account is made up of the withdrawal amount less the withdrawal fee.

The amount of fees you pay will affect how fast your transaction will be processed by miners and put onto the blockchain. It should be noted that the fee amount varies according to the complexity of the transaction. Complicated transactions will consume more computational resources, which will result in a higher fee.

When you request a withdrawal, the fee is calculated automatically by the system. The fee can also be customized. When the fee is set high, miners will be more likely to choose your transaction to include in the block, which can reduce waiting time. In contrast, if the fee is set low, you may need to wait a longer time for the transaction to be confirmed by the miners. You can set a lower fee if you are not in a hurry to complete the transaction.

I Have Lost My Account Details, What Should I Do?

In case you have lost access to your email, phone, or Google Authenticator, please follow these instructions to reset your Google 2FA.Please submit a support ticket. To get started,

Please have these documents and information available:

1. The phone number or email address you use to register on BlueBit.
2. Front and back images of your ID Card. (Images and ID number must be legible.)
3. A photo of you holding the front of your ID Card, and a note clarifying your support request. (Selfie is not acceptable. Photo, ID number, and the note must be legible.)
              ● Date and an explanation of your request MUST be included in the note, please see the example below:
               ●  2022/03/31 (yyyy/mm/dd) 

4. The name of the token in your BlueBit portfolio with the most assets OR any deposits and withdrawals.MUST provide at least one information. We highly recommend that you provide as much information as possible so that we can process your request faster.

5. A valid phone number or email address so that our customer support can contact you if needed.

Submit all your documents and information via the Support Center:


If you did not complete the Identity Authentication (KYC) for your BlueBit account and you have a total balance greater than 0.1 BTC, you MUST provide the information mentioned in #3above.