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UFO Gaming Listing Announcement

UFO Gaming has been listed on Bluebit at 09:00 UTC September 9, 2022, the details are as follows :

  • About UFO Gaming

UFO Gaming is a pioneering gaming company founded by a team of gaming and crypto enthusiasts with years of experience in these fields; passionate about taking the gaming industry to the next level by unleashing the tremendous potential of blockchain upon it.

What sets UFO Gaming apart? Our richly designed games are set in galaxies and dimensions far from our own, with unique in-game assets our players can actually own. The decentralized Dark Metaverse empowers players and entitles them to in-game revenue.

Alongside our talented team of in-house designers, developers, and specialists, UFO Gaming is partnering with some of the world’s best gaming studios to execute a truly state-of-the-art yet accessible experience for gamers around the world.



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