Token Listing Form

How To Get Your Coin Listed On

BlueBit aims to provide more access to crypto and make the best efforts to list high-quality tokens. Therefore, token listing on BlueBit goes through rigorous due diligence.


How To Apply To List On BlueBit?

To apply for a direct listing with, fill out the online application form


When completing the form, be sure to include every piece of information you wish to communicate with us. We also ask that the project founder or CEO fill out the application, since we need to reach out to the key person of the project if there are any problems with the listing.


We ask that you be patient after applying ,as we must conduct rigorous due diligence. During the evaluation, please make sure to be professional and responsive.


Who Will Contact You After Applying?

A member of our team will contact you if your project passes our initial review. You will only be contacted by email.


There are no set requirements for participation. Our goal is to list good coins/tokens on BlueBit who have a proven team, a useful product, and a loyal community.


● Adoption by users should be a priority. In the application form, you can include the user statistics to aid our screening.

● Your team is evaluated based on how they handle difficult situations, even if they are within their own community.

● You will be blacklisted if you spread FUD about BlueBit and try to pressure us into listing your coin.


Thank you for your interest in the BlueBit exchange listing! By completing our application form with valid information, we will evaluate your project based on the information you provided and get back to you with a decision.